Request for Regional Expansion of Providers

Three of the four County Boards representing the Eastern Region Alliance seek proposals to expand adaptive equipment and/or assistive technology resources in the Greater St. Louis Region (St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and City of St. Louis) with the priority being expansion of assistive/enabling technology.

A proposal may be submitted for all three counties, only one county, or any combination of the three. Proposals may be for adaptive equipment only, assistive/enabling technology only, or both.

Technical assistance is limited to answering questions regarding clarification of instructions, definitions, or terms. Submit questions in writing to; questions will be reviewed as an Alliance prior to responding. Additionally, all questions and answers will be posted here for review: All phone calls will be referred to the website.

Proposals must be submitted in PDF form by September 3, 2021 to the county board for which funds are requested.

RFE Adaptive Equipment Assistive-Enabling Technology