The DDRB provides Residential Living Assistance Funds to support individuals receiving Department of Mental Health (DMH) funded residential services provided by a qualified agency, or individuals accessing DMH funded self-directed personal assistance services to assist with costs of household furnishings associated with living independently. Funds may only be utilized for individuals whose income is limited and who are unable to purchase new or replacement items on their own.

Program Information Sheet


Individuals new to receiving DMH funded residential services (six-months or less) provided by a qualified agency, or individual new to accessing DMH funded self-directed personal assistance services (six months or less), are eligible for Residential Living Assistance Funds one time.

Individuals receiving residential services must have a signed lease and plan to move into their residence within 30 days. Funds are available up to six-months after the individual’s move-in date.

Dependent on the availability of DDRB funds, individuals are eligible for the following dollar caps:

  • ISL/Companion: one-time reimbursement up to $2,500
  • Group Home/Host Home: one-time reimbursement up to $1,250.


Agencies providing Residential Living Assistance will invoice the DDRB for reimbursement of purchases as identified on the approved Alliance Checklists. Agencies will follow all invoicing and allowable purchase procedures as outlined in the Program Information Sheet.

Agency staff will educate and support individuals with comparison shopping to include purchasing quality items at a fair price.