The DDRB developed several programs to offer one-time or short-term assistance to bridge a gap in services where other funding sources or community supports aren’t available. Please read the program descriptions carefully as some require a support agency or case manager to access assistance.

Emergency Housing Assistance

Download Emergency Housing Assistance Emergency Housing Assistance Program The DDRB provides funds to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and families with a child with a developmental disability to prevent homelessness or displacement. The availability of these resources will allow individuals and families with developmental disabilities to receive assistance with rent and utility deposits; rent and mortgage payments; utility payments, moving expenses and other expenses to establish a household unit. Individuals and families will be connected to other local community services and resources to help sustain their independence. This program is designed to provide emergency/temporary assistance and not yearly ongoing assistance …

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Conference Reimbursement

The DDRB values the strengthening of supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Individuals and family members are encouraged to participate in conferences and educational opportunities, which are designed toward enabling an individual with developmental disabilities to progress toward normal living or to develop his or her capacity, performance, or relationships with other persons. The Conference Stipend program gives individuals and family members the opportunity to attend training and seminars that they might otherwise not be able to attend. Eligibility: The applicant must be an individual with a developmental disability as defined in DDRB policies or an immediate ….

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Employment Transportation Reimbursement

The DDRB Transportation Reimbursement Fund is intended to temporarily support individual’s transportation needs. The role of the Employment Agency and/or Case Manager/Service Coordinator is to educate individuals about the Transportation Reimbursement Fund, including its requirements, as outlined below. This funding is not intended to cover total transportation costs, but to enhance options and opportunities while individuals explore long-term transportation solutions….

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