Conference Stipend program gives individuals and family members the opportunity to attend training and seminars

The DDRB values the strengthening of supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Individuals and family members are encouraged to participate in conferences and educational opportunities, which are designed toward enabling an individual with developmental disabilities to progress toward normal living or to develop his or her capacity, performance, or relationships with other persons. The Conference Stipend program gives individuals and family members the opportunity to attend training and seminars that they might otherwise not be able to attend.

Program Information Sheet



The applicant must be an individual with a developmental disability as defined in DDRB policies or an immediate family member of an individual with a developmental disability. Agencies requesting stipends on behalf of a group of individuals need to contact DDRB office.
Event: Conferences must be sponsored by a professional organization and/or be a presentation by a professional recognized in their field and directly related to the individual’s and/or family member’s developmental disability.


The individual pays the first $25.00 for each conference. The DDRB will pay the remaining registration fee, up to a maximum of $500.00 per year, per person. Fees related to late registration, travel, lodging and other expenses are not covered.


Approval is based on available funding and compliance with the policy. Waiver of the $25.00 co-pay (based on need) and policy exceptions require DDRB Board approval. Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis. The fiscal year end invoice deadline is not applicable.

Application for Registration Fee

Submit completed applications to the DDRB, Conference Stipend Program. A brochure or copy of the brochure from the conference/event must be attached. Application and evaluation forms can be downloaded from DDRB website or call the DDRB office at 636-939-3351 to request forms.


Post-Conference Reimbursement: A reimbursement check is sent to the applicant. The applicant is responsible for sending the DDRB copies of itemized paid receipts from the event organizers along with a completed evaluation of the conference within 60 days of the conference conclusion.

Evaluation follow-up required

Additional stipends will be contingent upon receipt of evaluation.