You Have The Right To Change Case Management Providers At Anytime

Provider choice will always be available to you, so at any time during the year you can choose to change case management providers. What both the DDRB and the St. Louis Regional Office hope to achieve is an improved case management delivery system for all St. Charles County individuals with developmental disabilities.

Case Management Choice Form


  • You will have the same rights for services as you do now.
  • Choice of case management providers will be offered to you on an annual basis.
  • If you are receiving services now they will not be affected.
  • Although switching over from St. Louis Regional Office case management will not result in additional funds for services, there is a long-term benefit of allowing for a county-based tracking of dollars spent that could lead to funds remaining in St. Charles County for services.
  • Case management services will continue to be billed directly to Medicaid.
  • Processes currently in place such as Utilization Review will remain the same.
  • There will be a combined waitlist for services and as money becomes available funds will be allocated based on need, as is the procedure now.
  • St. Louis Regional Office will still complete intakes and determine eligibility.