The DDRB is a leader…

ensuring that individuals with developmental disabilities living in St. Charles County have quality opportunities and choices to be fully included in society.

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DDRB Vision

People have what they need to live the lives they choose.

DDRB Corporate Values

Partnership: Partnership enables us to better serve individuals with developmental disabilities in St. Charles County. Partnering allows us to maximize our resources and efforts to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our community.

Accountability: To be progressive in thought and actions requires challenge, motivation, and participation of the entire community. Striving for excellence ensures quality outcomes and results for individuals receiving supports and services. Other tools, such as accrediting bodies, audits, and satisfaction surveys, are use methods to assist us.

Self-determination/Choice: Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families/guardians have rights and responsibilities to determine the direction of their own lives. To do so, information and choices are needed; diversity of services and providers is necessary and appropriate. Providing information to consumers so they can make educated and informed decisions is a key role and responsibility for us.